Marta Conde

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Marta Conde holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering (UPC) and a Masters in Ecological Economics (UAB). Marta lived and worked in London as a consultant for six years before working in Peru with a local organization protecting communities impacted by mining. Following this experience Marta returned to Barcelona where she did her Masters and is now currently undertaking a Doctorate. Her present research is focused on uranium mining and the implications of the current nuclear and uranium expansion. Using political ecology and political economy as a framework, she is relating the social perception of risks with the environmental and socioeconomic changes occurring in her first case study, Namibia. Her broad interests are the impacts and conflicts endured by developing countries caused by the ‘cost shifting successes’ of material and energy consumption in developed economies and its implications and contribution to the concepts of environmental justice and in broader terms degrowth.

Research interests: political ecology, nuclear energy, uranium mining, environmental justice, degrowth.

Selected publications:
J. Martinez-Alier, H. Healy, L. Temper, M. Walter, B. Rodriguez-Labajos, J.F. Gerber, M. Conde “Between science and activism: Learning and teaching ecological economics with environmental justice organizations” Local Environment. Forthcoming Journal contribution

M. Conde “Review of ‘Africa’s Development Impasse: Rethinking the Political Economy of the Transformation’ by Stefan Adreasson” Progress in Development studies. Forthcoming