Radical Ecological Democracy, “degrowing insights” from India

Radical Ecological Democracy

Radical Ecological Democracy

Ideas and analysis similar to Degrowth are coming up in many countries. Here you go with what is called Radical Ecological Democracy, from India. Enjoy the reading!

“The search for alternatives is on. As the world grapples with the multiple crises of
ecological unsustainability, poverty, food and water insecurity, and economic collapse,
there is urgency to forge paths of human well-being that are equitable and ecologically
sustainable. A large number of such alternatives are already being practiced in many
countries, including sustainable food production, holistic rural development, sustainable
cities, community-based conservation, meaningful educational and health security,
decentralized governance, economic democracy, and others. These point to a future based on a new paradigm: Radical Ecological Democracy 
(R.E.D.). This is an evolving framework of governance in which each person and
community has access to decision-making forums of relevance to them, and in which the
decisions taken are infused with ecological and cultural sensitivity, and socio-economic

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