New Publication “Degrowth as a social-ecological transformation”

It’s now finally published the 5th special feature edited by R&D members.
Find below the links to the articles in the journal Sustainability Science

Special issue “Degrowth as a social-ecological transformation”

– “Degrowth as a social-ecological transformation“, by Viviana Asara, Iago Otero, Federico Demaria and Esteve Corbera

– “In search of lost time: the rise and fall of limits to growth in international sustainability policy“, by Erik Gómez & José Manuel Naredo
– “More growth? An unfeasible option to overcome critical energy constraints and climate change” by Iñigo Capellán-Pérez, Margarita Mediavilla, Carlos de Castro, Oscar Carpintero and Luis Javier Miguel
– “Collective ownership in renewable energy and opportunities for sustainable degrowth” by Conrad Kunze and Soren Becker
– “Degrowth, postdevelopment, and transitions: a preliminary conversation” by Arturo Escobar
– “An overview of local credit systems and their implications for post-growth” by Julien-François Gerber
– “Degrowth and health: local action should be linked to global policies and governance for health” by Eduardo Missoni

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