“Co-designing degrowth narratives” – Open space in Budapest

Research & Degrowth is hosting a special Open Space during the Degrowth week at the 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest on “Co-designing degrowth narratives” (http://budapest.degrowth.org).


The international degrowth conferences have always meant to put together different voice and profiles: academics, to practitioners and activists. They have also meant to put together different visions, strategies and methods of knowledge co/creation.

To this aim, at Barcelona 2010 and Leipzig 2014 efforts centered around the Group Assembly Process. This year we would like to build upon our previous experience and continue debating and building scenarios together, while upgrading the format.

The Degrowth Narratives session invites aims at bringing the wealth of knowledge and inspiration embodied by conference participants towards co-designing narratives on degrowth in various fields: care, energy, transport, work, money, education, resources, democracy, politics, commons and multiple others.

In this session we will work in small groups on narratives, or story-boards, semi-utopian and semi-realistic, which will be stitched together in the end, presenting our evolving common imaginary of social transformation. Conflicts and discussion do not need to have a winner, they represent moments of ultimate potential for creativity and innovation. This session aims at embracing diversity and collectively developing stories in which we challenge:

  • the supremacy of one culture: decolonization instead of colonialism
  • the supremacy of one concern, or reason for action: only bio-physical limits, or only democracy, or only well-being, ecology, justice, conviviality
  • the supremacy of one scale of action: only individual, or only local, or only regional, only continental, only global
  • the supremacy of one profile as “the actor of change”: only practitioners, or only researchers, or only activists
  • the supremacy of one strategy for action: only opposition, or only alternatives-building

TIME: Thursday 1st sept / Friday 2nd sept, between 16:30 and 18: 30

: Aula

: English

MORE INFO: http://budapest.degrowth.org

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