Budapest Degrowth conference final report

Deal participants, partners, friends,

We are glad to share with you the 2016 Budapest Degrowth conference final report.
You can find in this report information about the evaluation survey, our budget, the main challenges, key lessons and conclusions about this two year long collective adventure.

We wish you an happy new year,

Your Budapest Degrowth conference team

Budapest Degrowth Conference: creating new visions

More than 600 people from all around the world participated to the 5th International Degrowth Conference in Budapest. For the first time, an open festival was also organized, the Budapest Degrowth Week, which gathered thousands of people in various partner locations throughout the city. Tours, artistic performances, workshops, panel discussions, and concerts were organized based on the logic of dialogue where the Degrowth community could connect with our partners, friends and also Budapest residents.

These events have been organized according to Degrowth principles: cooperation with local food and beverage producers, non-violent communication, transparency and direct democracy, involvement of a wide diversity of partners, organizers and participants, and aliances and dialogue between different actors across various spectrums. We have also implemented new open source platforms and communication space, where you can share any comments, documents or media.

Please find more details in the Budapest Degrowth Conference Report.

Through its organisation and also during the entire week Degrowth has been experimented and experienced in practice connecting the theory to the practice. Several questions have been raised: is Degrowth a movement, a network? What are future possibilities for interactions between the local and the global? How can more functional alliances be created? What will become the governing narrative for Degrowth? Some answers and discussions centered on these issues can be found on our Website: videospresentations, papers.

More than 100 interviews have been made with Hungarian and international media.

We would like to thank all our partners and participants.

We extend thanks to everyone, thank you friends and neighbors in Budapest and beyond, the dialogue keeps going.

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